Products and Services


Digital Watchdog

DW® is the industry leader in digital recorders, surveillance cameras and related management software, delivering complete video surveillance solutions for HD over Coax and HD IP systems of any size and for any application.


CCTV Systems

CCTV Systems built by LV Technologies are meticulously configured to leave no detail missed and to be intuitive to interact with.

Cloud-Based Video Systems

We create an infrastructure that allows you to remotely view your property from any location via the cloud. Through an easy to use dashboard, your video surveillance system is always at your fingertips.

Security Systems

By using surveillance cameras, active sensors, and presence simulation our top-rated security systems are built around your needs.

Sound Systems

We use modern equipment to build state of the art PA Systems. These Live Sound Systems can also play music or be connected to the radio.

Fiber Optic Cables and Controls

We deploy fiber optic cables based on your current networking needs and are expandable for your businesses’ future growth.

Voice Data Networks

We deploy Cat5 and Cat6 networking solutions and set up private servers for VOIP calls. We also specialize in VLAN hardware.

Phone (POTS) Systems

No matter if it is an internal or external calling system, we guarantee the highest level of clarity.

Local Area Networks (LAN) Solutions

By leveraging the newest standards in ethernet and wi-fi technology, we connect you with high-speed broadband internet services.

Wide Area Networks (WAN) Solutions

We bring the same high-speed broadband internet solutions to your sprawling commercial developments.

Cable Testing

Our rigorous cable testing procedure ensures that you are receiving the highest quality service from your network.