About LV Technologies

Since 2008, LV Technologies has been providing superior solutions and support for business within the Twin Cities Metro. LV Technologies provides a wide range of security and network solutions and if you are looking to improve your business, please Contact Us and lets talk about what solutions are best for your company’s needs!

Denisa Hancock

Business Manager

Phone: (651) 402-9832 | Email: Denisa@LVTechnologies.net

Denisa Hancock is the Business Manager at LV Technologies. Even though she has only been in the IT industry for a year, she has been managing and training business teams for over 8 years. Denisa studied accounting, marketing, and finance in Germany. She brings dedication and great organizational skills when she is managing company finances or overseeing client relations. Combine this with her desire to always be learning, her skills are always growing and improving. When not in the office you can find Denisa woodworking, fishing, and enjoying time with her children and husband. Her favorite place to be is anywhere with a nice beach on the ocean.

Frank Strohbach

Owner and CEO

Phone: (651) 775-2649 | Email: Frank@LVTechnologies.net

Frank Strohbach is the Owner and CEO of LV Technologies. Frank has been working in the IT Industry since 1983 bringing over 35 years of expertise to each project. His education was focused on Communication technologies alongside things that can only be learned from working in the field. Frank is known for being friendly, honest, and punctual. In addition to those qualities, he is a great communicator and knows how to bring creative solutions to your business’ networking problems. When not in the field you can find Frank playing or watching soccer, spending time with his friends, or messing around with his dog. His favorite place to travel to is the Florida Keys.